I Don’t Do “Diet Plans”… I Do Education.

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I Don’t Do “Diet Plans”… I Do Education.

PHFitness nutritional support is an education not a diet plan

I get many people asking and contacting me with regards to writing them a “diet plan” and I think they are surprised with my response.

I have, in the past, wrote people and clients “diet plans” but in all honesty, I have never had much success with them. Now that I am far more experienced in the industry I believe that I am starting to understand why.

I believe that giving an individual a set “diet plan” with all these so called “power foods” only sets them up to fail. In most cases, they have spent a lifetime learning bad nutritional habits and not getting their nutrition right. I believe for a coach to then suddenly take away their old food structure and replace it with a nice new one with all these “super” foods that they may not have even seen before, let alone tasted, could throw them off the wagon even before the engine has started.

I approach my client’s nutrition in a different way nowadays, I offer them a support network, education and advice when it comes to their nutrition. I work with them and implement change on a step by step basis and most importantly, support them with this process outside of session time.

Yes it’s time consuming and no, I don’t charge my clients extra for it but it’s the way I work and it is time and effort that I am willing to put in for my clients to gain them the results that they want.

Training with me is not about taking your money for an hour and seeing you the week after, it is about supporting you, making you feel as though you are part of the PHFitness team and most importantly, educating you on how to create a healthy relationship with food which will be sustainable for a lifetime and not just for the short term.

That is my way and I 100% believe in it.

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Paul Frost
Paul Frost
Paul Frost is a fully qualified and insured Personal Trainer, health and fitness coach and also a Certified Nutritionist who works predominantly in weight-loss, sports performance and improving people's general health, fitness and nutrition. You can contact me by email: info@phfitnessderby.com