Evidence-Based Nutrition Advice Only at PHFitness Derby!!

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September 2, 2019
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Evidence-Based Nutrition Advice Only at PHFitness Derby!!

I was scrolling a discussion on Twitter the other day between two individuals who were debating a topic surrounding nutrition.

One of them was clearly your typical “Google Nutritionist” and the other was quite clearly a well read , evidence-based individual who was giving their side of the argument based on science. I clicked his profile and this was written on his Twitter “header”. I just could not resist ordering myself a mug with this written on it for our private 1-1 personal training, nutrition and sports massage studio here in Derby!!

It is just SO true and I absolutely LOVED it!!

For all of the “Google Nutritionists” out there and for all of the nutritional zealots that are pushing their uneducated “beliefs” on people who are trying to find their way to real, sustainable weight loss… have a good read of this!!

Google and Netflix do not hold the answers to much quality nutritional information. Do your research and take your advice from evidence-based individuals.

You are welcome!! 🙂

For more information about any of the services that we offer here at out private 1-1 personal training, nutrition and sports massage studio in Derby and for more information on how we work only in an evidence-based way when it comes to nutrition, contact us on the following email address 🙂


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Paul Frost
Paul Frost
Paul Frost is a fully qualified health, fitness and nutrition coach who has accumulated a mass of qualifications over his years in the industry including Personal Training and Phase 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation. He also works as the conditioning coach/nutritional adviser as part of the One Nation professional boxing team in Derby and also holds his professional boxing Trainer/Second licence. You can contact me by email: info@phfitnessderby.com