“It’s like you’re living in my kitchen!!”

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February 3, 2019
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February 12, 2019
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“It’s like you’re living in my kitchen!!”

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“It’s like you’re living in my kitchen!”

The words from somebody at around 4.45am this morning, who I’m currently working on performance nutrition with, when I messaged them!!

I take my job seriously. I don’t “talk the talk” talk is cheap in this game. I want results for my clients and I will stop at absolutely nothing to get them their.

Even if that means a 4am alarm call most days to deliver them a service in which I truly believe leads the way in 1-1 health, fitness, and nutrition.

We don’t follow a script, we don’t just do what we think looks good. We do what needs doing to give our clients THE best support network possible and the very best in high level service that is available.

Real training and real nutrition coaching that is honest and that can be applied to their everyday lives.

Talk to any of our clients. We walk the walk!

At our PHFitness private 1-1 personal training and sports massage studio here in Derby, we deliver what we believe is THE highest level of support and service that is available in the 1-1 health, fitness and and nutrition industry and we would bet our reputation on it that our clients, and anybody else who is connected with PHFitness, would vouch for that too! We do not just work hard for our clients when it works for us or when we feel like it, we work hard for our clients every single second of the day!

Whether it is 1-1 health, fitness or nutrition coaching or our sports massage service here in Derby we give 100%, every single minute of the day and not just when it suits us!

Bring on the rest of the week!!

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Paul Frost
Paul Frost
Paul Frost is a fully qualified health, fitness and nutrition coach who has accumulated a mass of qualifications over his years in the industry including Personal Training and Phase 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation. He also works as the conditioning coach/nutritional adviser as part of the One Nation professional boxing team in Derby and also holds his professional boxing Trainer/Second licence. You can contact me by email: info@phfitnessderby.com