Last Week’s Fat Loss & Performance Nutrition Successes!!

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March 10, 2019
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March 24, 2019
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Last Week’s Fat Loss & Performance Nutrition Successes!!

We had a huge week last week here at the private PHFitness 1-1 personal training and sports massage studio in Derby!!

Last week…

  • Another one of our clients hit a huge weight-loss mile stone with us and has now lost a massive 14.5kg of FAT (yes that is fat!) since beginning her journey with us!!
  • One of our One Nation professional boxers who fights for his first professional title soon, has now hit nearly 6kg of FAT loss since beginning his performance nutrition programme with us and is looking super lean, strong and explosive!!

Our 1-1 personal training client who has lost a massive 14.5kg of fat with us since she began has been an absolute joy to coach not only with her training, but also her nutrition too. The key to any long-term result when it comes to health, fitness and nutrition is the ability to listen, take on new information, create a sustainable lifestyle and to be adherent. Our female client, who will remain nameless as I just know that she would be hugely embarrassed if I named her, has worked so hard to achieve her goals. She has listened to every single piece of training and nutrition advice given to her and held herself 100% accountable to her goals. These goals have been achieved while still maintaining a social life and enjoying nights out with friends and family, which in my opinion, is the key to getting lasting results. Not only has our client lost a huge amount of weight, she has also changed the shape of her body along with it through well planned 1-1 personal training sessions which have included a large amount of resistance training and compound weight lifting. This way of training was also completely new to our client but she fully trusted our methods and is now reaping the rewards of a completely transformed body. And the most satisfying part about her body transformation? She is now happy in her own skin and enjoys what she sees in the mirror when she looks back at herself!! That is what makes me tick as a coach!!

On to our One Nation Boxing Club’s professional boxer…

We began our work with this individual at the start of his training camp as he prepares to fight for his first professional title in just under two week’s time. Our job with this fighter was to safely bring him to his fighting weight while keeping him strong and explosive. I see so many professional boxers draining themselves to make weight by not having the correct knowledge and performance nutrition plan in place at the start of a training camp. They then make weight in an unsafe way and by the end of their training camp, when they should be at their strongest, they actually finish their training camp weak, drained, under nourished and dehydrated. For any professional athlete this is hugely dangerous, but for a combat athlete, it can be catastrophic. Forget the athlete under performing and feeling weak, the athlete can potentially put themselves in a dangerous and sometimes life-threatening position.

With this in mind we set up the boxer’s performance nutrition plan with the strict guidelines of following the plan and advice in the correct way so that on the night of the fight, he is 100% fuelled, hydrated, explosive and ready to perform in his biggest fight to date. Sometimes it can be hard working with professional athletes, they can have tunnel vision, have their own belief systems when it comes to nutrition and making weight and all this together can sometimes make it hard to get their “buy in” to your methods. Luckily for us, we have not had this trouble, our boxer, just like our 1-1 personal training client has listened intently to our advice and methods and has been 100% adherent to the plan. For this reason, he has had the best results making weight he has ever had since being a professional boxer. He has made weight the best he ever has and has never felt stronger, sharper or more focused. I for one, cannot wait to see him perform on his big night and bring that belt back to the One Nation Boxing Gym!!’

I think the take home point from this blog is that being teachable as a client, being open to new methods and most importantly, being adherent to the process is the absolute key to any successful health, fitness or nutrition journey. Consistency is key and although it is not always easy, should always be the focus on any journey through health, fitness and nutrition.

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Paul Frost
Paul Frost
Paul Frost is a fully qualified health, fitness and nutrition coach who has accumulated a mass of qualifications over his years in the industry including Personal Training and Phase 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation. He also works as the conditioning coach/nutritional adviser as part of the One Nation professional boxing team in Derby and also holds his professional boxing Trainer/Second licence. You can contact me by email: