Muscle Gain… “Gym Bro” Advice or Real Science?

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Muscle Gain… “Gym Bro” Advice or Real Science?

It is nothing new. You want to gain muscle and you want to gain it quickly.

You look at the biggest guy (or girl, I know some absolutely “stacked” females!) in the gym and automatically presume that they must hold all of the answers when it comes to packing on size and gaining that muscle that you so badly want. You watch them walking around the gym with their can of BCAA’s and believe that they must know exactly what they are talking about and that they are somebody who must be listened to for advice when it comes to nutrition on how to get “jacked”

Now I am not saying that these people do not train hard, I am not even saying that they do not look good, but what I am saying is that they potentially have zero idea on the real science behind muscle building and are potentially living in the world of “gym bro” science.

I see and hear a lot, whether that be through social media, talking to people in the world of health and fitness or clients asking me about methods that they have heard of in the past on the gym floor regarding muscle building techniques. And let me tell you, some of the things that I have seen, heard or been told about by people advising on muscle building really is way off the mark on how to really build muscle in a way which is supported by solid science, but hey, they have massive biceps so they must know what they are talking about, right?

In most cases, unfortunately not. Being the biggest guy or girl in the gym does not automatically qualify you to give nutritional advice when it comes to muscle building. Giving training tips and techniques, yes, but advising and recommending nutritional protocols, absolutely not. There is more to building muscle in a nutritional sense than just swigging down a can of BCAA’s after a gym session (just for the record, BCCA’a are pretty useless on their own, they are hugely over played in the world of supplements)

There is a science to muscle building. Yes, training consistency is key and I am not for one-minute disputing that, but people pushing nutritional advice when it comes to muscle building tend to lean towards their own belief systems or biases for what has worked for them currently or in the past. Any path to building muscle should begin with a solid and sound knowledge of nutrition that will hugely compliment the training process and should not be approached in a way where you take advice from somebody who really, does not have an in depth knowledge in nutrition and just wants to give you a crazy nutritional recommendation which they have read in a good old Men’s Health magazine.

Do your homework before you take advice from people, ask questions on their knowledge, dig a little deeper and really question what you are being told. As I always say to my clients, any coach who is worth his or her salt should always have a sound rationale backed up by science on any advice that they are giving you.

You would be amazed at the amount of “coaches” who really do not have much of a clue and who just clutch at straws when it comes to nutrition!!

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Paul Frost
Paul Frost
Paul Frost is a fully qualified and insured Personal Trainer, health and fitness coach and also a Certified Nutritionist who works predominantly in weight-loss, sports performance and improving people's general health, fitness and nutrition. You can contact me by email: