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Want to lose weight?
Exercise alone is not enough. You need a good diet too.

The good news is that a carefully managed nutritional diet can be effective for weight loss without having to burn calories through exercise.

We will always recommend getting your heart pumping to help maintain weight loss and for a complete package of good health and fitness.  But for those who can’t do exercise for whatever reason, our personalised 1-1 nutrition service guarantees to help you hit your weight loss goals.

Achieve long-term weight loss results

As part of the PHFitness 1-1 online nutrition consultancy service, a specialist MNU certified nutritionist will guide and shape your evidence-based weight loss programme with you.

This is an ongoing, personal consultancy service that gives you a carefully managed and fully supported diet – custom-made for your lifestyle so that you can maintain long-term weight loss results that are built on behaviour change rather than restrictive dieting.

PHFitness online nutrition consultancy

Your tailor-made nutrition plan will be:

  • Customised to your dietary restrictions and physical limitations

  • Built on creating good habits that work with your busy lifestyle

  • Focused on creating a healthy relationship with food (i.e. no restrictive dieting)

  • Supporting you every step of the way via your personal nutritionist

Who this consultancy service is made for:

If you can relate to any of these statements, the PHFitness 1-1 online nutrition consultancy service could be right for you:
“I’ve tried everything to lose weight but nothing works long-term”
“I want to lose weight but I can’t do physical exercise and I’m sick of restrictive diets”
“I know what I should be doing to lose weight but I need it to fit in with my busy life”
“I’ve been thinking about losing weight but I don’t know where to start”

The PHFitness online nutrition consultancy service gives you:

Motivation & Support

Your custom-made nutrition plan has ongoing motivation built in – from metrics tracking and inspiring info updates to simply having your coach on hand to support you


A weight loss plan custom-made to your dietary, physical and lifestyle needs to help you build a better relationship with food through evidence-based nutrition

24/7 Access

A 1-1 personalised programme that is built to work on your terms – customised to your lifestyle, available 24/7 online, & supported by your qualified nutrition coach in your pocket

Personal service

A qualified nutrition coach to set your weight loss goals with you & keep you on course to hit them through regular check-ins, reviews and educational resources

At PHFitness we specialise in weight loss and genuinely care about getting our clients results


Joining our 1-1 online nutrition service is an investment in your health & wellbeing

What to expect from our online nutrition service

  • Daily metrics to track in your PHFitness Progress Tracker
  • Clear weekly objectives created jointly between you & your nutritionist
  • Weekly 1-1 check-ins and reviews with your nutritionist
  • Online access to your MNU qualified nutritionist whenever you need them
  • Weekly updates providing personalised guidance
  • Regular inspiring and educational info (such as recipes, “how to” guides, etc)
  • Ongoing support and guidance through your private online portal
  • Myth-busting, no nonsense, evidence-based nutritional guidance

What it means to be a PHFitness member

PHFitness members receive the highest level of service

  1. Relentless support
  2. Professionalism
  3. Honest care for your ongoing health & wellbeing

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PHFitness Mission Statement

“At PHFitness we are dedicated to providing our members with the highest level of service.

We believe that as our member, you deserve honesty, support and professionalism every step of the way in your health and fitness journey and we pride ourselves on delivering exactly that in every interaction with us, without fail.

No gimmicks, no smokescreens. Just honest, supportive and professional personal training."

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